Since 1985, Korzon Screen Printing has been a leading provider of vibrant, high-quality screen printing services for a variety of industrial products and components.  We’ve developed time tested methods that result in fast turnaround and superior workmanship. Communicating directly with our customers, our experienced team analyzes their requirements and develops customized solutions to address their design goals. By leveraging state-of-the-art screen printing technology, we create vivid, durable imagery that enhances the overall quality of the customer’s product.

Professionally Applied Screen Printing

During our screen printing process, specialty fabric is precisely stretched and coated with emulsion. Working alongside our graphic services department, we’ll create a film positive and apply the final design to the screen before seamlessly applying custom matched, high-quality inks through the screen to yield a consistent, crisp graphic design that can be applied to numerous substrate materials.

Our facility is equipped for both single and multi-color printing, matching virtually any color to either customer-provided samples or PMS codes.


Turnkey Screen Print and Graphic Services

Equipped to handle virtually any manufacturing tempo from short-run prototyping to large scale production runs, our team develops innovative methods for reducing production time, cost, and complexity on almost any project.

As a turnkey provider for screen printing on industrial components, we support customers with in-house graphic services, prototyping, Pantone color matching, fixture design, and fabrication. Backed by our highly efficient powder coat and wet coat partners, we can create colorful backgrounds to ensure clear, readable graphics.

State-of-the-Art Capabilities

Our screen prints can be applied to uniquely challenging surfaces, such as curved, recessed, textured, interior surface and flanged materials. We’ve handled industrial screen printing for instrument panels, molded parts, cases, boxes, nameplates, POP displays, control panels, and other complex geometric shapes.

For over 30 years, our staff has worked with various industrial metals, plastics, and glass. Backed by this hands-on experience, our team fully understands the intricacies and tolerances necessary for screen printing on polycarbonate, flexible packaging, PVC, stainless steel, sheet metal,  castings, vinyl, fiberglass, and other exotic materials.

Silk-Screen Applications for Any Industrial Need

We’ve served companies worldwide, supporting major product brands with robust, eye-catching graphics. We can screen print on iPod components, Plexiglass© mirror handles, promotional displays, and metal enclosures. From trade shows to major events, our screen printed components clearly and effectively communicate messaging, directions, and warnings to users.

Consistent Quality Control on Every Screen Print

We incorporate a thorough, 100% inspection process across all phases of screen printing, checking for proper ink matching, curing, adhesion, graphical reproduction, and secure packaging. All of our fixtures and screens are engineered to provide smooth and accurate visual clarity, especially when deployed in demanding environments. This is done by selecting the proper ink for the type of substrate being printed.

We’ve built a reputation for providing superior quality screen prints, resulting in repeat business and long term customers that are always satisfied with our results. All of our work is performed in accordance with industry standards for graphic design and silk-screen printing. Regardless of size or scope, we focus our attention on every detail in order to ensure absolute quality and perfection for our customers.

Superior Screen Printing Services

Korzon Screen Printing has earned industry acclaim for its services as we strive to exemplify quality and long-term durability in our solutions. Our screen printing services are certified by ISO 9001:2015 industry standards and we conduct extensive quality control checks on all of our processes.

With our JIT delivery services, we can scale our production capacity, align raw material needs with partners, and ensure that our work is delivered based on predefined schedules. We’re proud to provide screen printing for industries such as medical, industrial, military, aerospace, and consumer products.

For additional information on enhancing your product’s quality graphic and screen printing services, please contact us to learn more about our capabilities.