iPod Component

The surfaces to be printed are recessed 3/8” from the top of the part, and there was less than ¼” of available space between the printed logo and the inside part edge. Korzon designed custom fixturing to accommodate precision screen printing and the ability to print multiple parts at one time for production efficiency.

ilock Set

Raised Tab Box

The four raised tabs on the printing surface required precision fabrication of the fixturing and of the printing screen. Korzon’s experience with these kinds of challenging projects resulted in clear and accurate graphics repeated consistently throughout production runs.

Tab Box

Machined Aluminum Component

Machined aluminum parts required fixturing and screens to be designed and built that would enable printing on both ends with accurate placement in one step.

Aluminum Component

Printing on Acrylics

With years of experience printing on acrylics, we have developed methods and procedures to ensure the highest quality

Stainless Steel Equipment Cover

Continuous printing across two surfaces. Achieved a one step process.