Graphic Services

Korzon Screen Printing is backed by over 30 years of experience creating accurate, vibrant graphic designs for a wide range of industrial components. We take a consultative approach, understanding the customer’s needs and developing solutions that exceed their expectations.

Our in-house graphic services team can assist across all phases of development, from initial concept to final production. We’ve designed and screen printed on a variety of products including nameplates, glass, POP displays, signs, medical supplies, gauges, and curved parts.  

High-Quality Graphic Services and Screen Printing

We’re a single source provider, offering both graphic services and industrial screen printing under one roof. All graphics undergo a strict approval process prior to screen fabrication and we integrate customer feedback accordingly.

Our services include silk screening, ink mixing & matching, curing, packaging, and redesign. We perform on-site screen fabrication for either unique or specialty parts. We can also modify existing artwork to optimize and prepare pieces for production. Whether it’s a new color concept or matching fonts for a logo, our seasoned design team can enhance your particular design for screen printing. We can also develop custom inks that match PMS colors as closely as possible.

Graphic Services for Metal, Plastic, and Glass

With experience printing acrylic, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and other specialty materials, our graphics team can create designs on virtually any popular industrial metal, plastic, or glass. We can work with curved, recessed, flanged, and textured surfaces – including the interior surfaces of boxes. From appliances to machinery, we understand how to approach the application of graphics on unique and challenging components for demanding environments.

Turnkey Design and Printing

We’re geared to handle prototyping, short volume, and long volume runs for graphic services, ensuring that all of our projects deliver fast turn-around times without sacrificing quality. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art automation technology capable of printing on either cylindrical surfaces or flat parts.

Using our Lawson Seneca press, we handle large format prints with overall dimensions as large as 3’ x 4’.  With past projects ranging from automotive parts to telecommunications switches, we’ve developed methods for creating pristine graphics that maintain their visual integrity and help keep operators informed.

Precision Graphic Services for Industrial Components

Our staff will take the time to properly scan images and perfect graphics, ensure precise alignments and deliver vibrant color quality. Every project receives the same attention to detail, regardless of size or scope. Our prints are always crisp and accurate, capable of securely bonding to various surfaces and standing up to repeated use without fading, peeling or discoloration. All of our graphic services work undergoes a rigorous, 100% inspection process along each phase of production.

Graphic Services with Attention to Detail

Since 1985, Korzon Screen Printing has been a prominent leader in graphic services for screen printing on industrial components. We’ve supported industries worldwide including medical, electronic, military, aerospace, sheet metal, telecommunications, and consumer products. Abiding by industry standards, we apply our years of consultative experience to help others achieve their business goals. We’re a lean manufacturer, consistently finding ways to reduce costs, limit waste, and deliver completed projects on-time and within budget.

The Korzon Screen Printing team is always available to answer questions, develop prototype samples, and lend years of graphic services experience to help get the job done right for our customers. For additional information, please contact us or feel free to visit our site to learn more about our screen printing capabilities or quality assurance efforts.